Which one is Spencer?

Actually…no one. Spencer, our namesake, was our original lead singer. Spence had to step back from singing with the band due to a growing number of church, family and community obligations. We wanted to keep the name because we like it! Spence gave us his blessing (really- he’s a minister) and here we are still making music. Oh, another reason for keeping the name is that we still have business cards that say Spencer and the T-Bones.

So, who is your singer now?

Stacia Abernatha. Stacia can be heard all around central PA as a solo artist. She has won accolades for her singing (winner of the 2017 Billtown Blues Festival and selected to perform at the International Blues Festival). But, Stacia’s not just singing the blues- her voice is perfect for a wide range of pop, rock, soul gospel…you name it!

Who else is in the band?

Band members are some of the top musicians in the central PA music scene and have shared the stage with a wide range of ensembles and backed-up some big names. The list of groups and people our band members have performed with range from The Four Tops and Temptations, Harry Connick Jr., Michael Cavanaugh and Natale Cole to the Empire Brass Quintet, Paragon Ragtime Orchestra and Boston Symphony.

What kind of music do you perform?

Our library contains classic rock, Motown hits, blues, jazz, funk and the list keeps growing. We do covers of songs by classic horn bands like Chicago and BS&T; iconic music makers like Sam Cooke; and, modern marvels like Cee Lo and Bruno Mars. Those are just a few. We also have our own originals.

Where did you get the idea to have a horn band of ahhh…trombones?

The creator of the group and the guy that does most of the arranging for the group is a trombone player- of course! We aren’t saying “Trumpets? We don’t need no stinkin’ Trumpets.” But, the trombone is quite a versatile instrument and you would be surprised what we can do. Check us out and see if you don’t agree. Here’s a factoid: Once we all tried putting down our horns and playing flutes instead. Spencer and the Flutes? I don’t think so😊

What kind of events do you perform at?

We have played in all kinds of places for a variety occasions- festivals, weddings, parties and concert series.

What are some of your favorite songs to perform?

Lovely Day by Bill Withers. God Bless the Child by Billie Holiday. Hip to Be Square by Huey Lewis. Moondance by Van Morrison. Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Anything by Bruno Mars or Cee Lo Green. And, let’s not forget the immortal Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings (look her up if you don’t know the name…you’ll love her). Our favorite instrumental is Frankenstein by Edgar Winter.

How do I get more information about booking the band?

Email us at spencerandthetbones@gmail.com or call/text us at (517)850-9282.

One final question. Is there anyone in the band that likes kitty cats?