Spencer and the T-Bones is what you get when you mix a soulful singer with a rock’n rhythm section and funky horn line.  The band features Williamsport’s own Spencer Sweeting on vocals with eight of the area’s top musicians.  Their playlists include covers that span Motown hits; classic rock; funk; soul; jazz; rhythm and blues; and, some original compositions.


Stevie Wonder, Bruno Mars, the Temptations, Fitz and the Tantrums, Van Morrison, Cee Lo Green, The Eagles,  Billy Preston, Chicago and even Edgar Winter and Led Zeppelin are among the many artists and groups that provide Spencer and the T-Bones with the material to craft a musical statement they can call their own.


The vision that led to forming the band came from a watching a performance by Don Henley where he used trombones, and only trombones, in his horn line.  Once known as K. T. and the T-Bones, the band began evolving in 2009.  The “T-Bones” were originally manned by four trombones and rhythm section with members of the band doing some of the vocals.  Then Spencer came along.  Actually, Spence Sweeting is an established singer in the Billtown area and is no stranger to blues, gospel and soul music.  When members of the original band wanted to add a singer he was the natural choice.  With a few more changes- trading one ‘bone for a bari sax and adding a keyboard player (gotta love that Hammond B3!) the band has created a niche with their innovative sound.


Spencer is joined by 8 of the area’s top musicians.  Members of the band have performed locally, nationally and worldwide with some of the most respected and sought after organizations and individuals in the music business.  Performance credits for members of the band range from the Boston Symphony, Penn’s Woods Festival Orchestra, the Paragon Ragtime Orchestra and Empire Brass Quintet to the Four Tops, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, John Tesh, Davy Jones and The David Rose Band.


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            25 or 6 to 4


           Seven Nation Army

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           Shake Me Like a Monkey

                                    with special guest Chris Leidhecker

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         Will It Go ‘Round in Circles

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